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    I make award winning iOS apps to empower your business.

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  • iOS apps that matter

    I recently built TokTokDoc , an iPad telemedicine app used by over 2,300 patients in french retirement homes.

    Laurent Schmoll

    Laurent Schmoll, TokTokDoc

    CEO, Otolaryngologist

    «Chris is an extremely skilful developer who has always delivered what was asked from him on time. The results have been accurate and of high quality. His skill has proven to be this good in a variety of areas within software development, UI/UX and animation.»

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  • Global collaboration

    I like to work with clients all over the world.
    Here's AirDine, a tasty swedish app that transforms every home into a little restaurant.

    Worked as a core member of Whiskerz .

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  • Enter the game

    During my spare time, I also develop my own iOS games.
    Let's check out Flat Cubes, my latest beautiful minimalistic puzzler.

I favour collaboration with start-ups driven by an innovative idea. If so, I would be pleased to work on your iOS app!

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